Enas Ashraf

150117-ODI-Trainer-2Enas Ashraf, Registered ODI Trainer, has 10+ years of experience working in promoting state-of-the-art technologies to the Egyptian ICT market with the aim to bridge the technological gap between the Egyptian and the international markets.

Enas has been working with international partners from industry, academia and research centers from South Korea, Spain, Italy and Finland in various technology lines.

Her experience includes working with Open Data and Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies such as semantic web, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems and mobile application development together with her experience in training, innovation management, process engineering and project management.

Enas is also experienced in assisting companies assess their innovation management capabilities and explore new business opportunities by adopting new technology trends. She provides consultation to many organizations to help them create their Technology Roadmaps to align their business and market needs to their future technology investments.

Enas has practical experience with Semantic Web solutions and technologies through participating in the design and implementation of semantic solutions for the European project LIFEWEAR during her work with TECNALIA of Spain. She also has practical experience with the implementation and integration of ontologies and semantic solutions in the smart space and semantic domain as a part of her work in the Energy- Aware Smart Building project and Semantic Advertising Platform for Egypt (SALE) project under the umbrella of the EU-funded RECOCAPE project. She is responsible for developing and delivering training tracks as well as providing consultation services to the ICT market.

Enas holds a BSc. and MSc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, with research interest in smart spaces and open data related technologies and associated business opportunities.

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