“Open Data Geeks – ODG” Wins First Place in Hack4Community Open Data Hacktahon

Open Data Geeks – ODG, a young team of 4 developers wins the first place in hack4Community Open Data hackathon. WHAT IS THE BEST PLACE TO STARTING A MEDICAL BUSINESS?, ODG Problem Statement   ODG team used the data provided by the health administration from Giza Governorate to help investors in medical services decide make informed choices […]

Hack4Community Material

Material and Useful Links Agenda Data Guide: Containing links to datasets as well as challeges for each sector CKAN Open Data Platform

How to develop a compelling value proposition and why marketing is important

Join the ODI Startup Mentoring Session about Marketing Session title: How to develop a compelling value proposition and why marketing is important Lead by: Perry Le Dain, a marketing professional and the Head of Corporate Marketing AT&T. Since 2001 Trade Commissioner he has been working at the Embassy of Finland assisting startups and SMEs to enter the UK market. Certified Management Consultant since 2012, he […]


Open Data Geeks – ODG Wins Hack4Community – Read More.. What is a Hackathon? Hackathon is software development competition where teams of developers are developing new software components or products within a specified limited time. Hackathons target education or promoting new software technologies (one of the SECC goals). SECC  will start a series of hackathons to engage developers […]

Data-Driven Innovation in the MENA Region – The Way Forward (21 – 22 Feb. 2016)

Haitham Hamza, R&D Department manager, SECC participated in the Regional Workshop: Data-Driven Innovation in the MENA Region – The Way Forward that was held 21 – 22 Feb. 2016. The workshop was part of Data Innovation Week that was held in Cairo, Egypt on 18 to 23 February 2016. Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) is the innovation […]

Support programme for startups

If your business uses data, we could help you to develop and give you access to expert support and mentoring. As an ODI Startup, you can also access the ODI global network and opportunities to promote your organisation through ODI events and blogs. Applications for the 2016 ODI Startup programme close on 31 March 2016. Apply now

Get £7k and support for your open data project

If you’re involved in a project that uses open data and could benefit from expert advice and resources to make it happen, the ODI Showcase could be for you. This year the ODI is happy to announce a new call for ODI Showcase entries, awarding two projects with £7,000 GBP grant funding, along with mentoring […]

Open Data at a Glance!

Have you ever wondered what Open Data is? Why it is a global trend nowadays? If so, spare an hour of your time and join us to get to know Open Data. In this webinar you will get insights of what Open Data is and what are its main requirements. You will explore the potential […]

Open Data for Everyone!

Whether you have some knowledge of open data, work in a related field or are completely new to this domain, this introductory one-day interactive course will provide you with a foundation of Open Data principles and landscape and will enable you to explore the benefits and uses of Open Data. During this course, you will […]

Who owns the global data infrastructure?

Who owns our data infrastructure?

Data is the raw material that will help us meet 21st century challenges: to reduce friction in our economy, increase our sustainability and create opportunities to innovate. Our data infrastructure is as important as our physical infrastructure. A strong data infrastructure will increase interoperability and collaboration, efficiency and productivity in public and private sectors, nationally […]