About ODI Cairo

ODI Cairo Node was established in May 2015 as the first node in Africa and Egypt. The node is operated by the Software Engineering Competence Centre (SECC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). The node aims at establishing, fostering, and growing the open data culture in Egypt with focus on generating value from open data to the IT industry.

Cairo is a learning node, which will provide open data workshops, events and training with ODI Registered Trainers. 

Haitham Hamza

R&D Department Manager

"With a population of around 90 million and massive ICT penetration in almost all aspects of life, Egypt is generating a massive amount of data that is left mostly untapped. Embracing the art and science of transforming this massive data into real business opportunities for the ICT community is the fundamental motivation for ITIDA-SECC to establish the ODI Cairo Node, the first ODI node in Africa. ODI Cairo aims to create, grow, and foster an ecosystem of open data in Egypt."